• Georgian Era "Lover's Eye"-Style Ornament

Elements Jill Schwartz

Georgian Era "Lover's Eye" Ornament

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Beautiful and unique holiday ornament in the style of a "Lover's Eye" - a jewelry tradition in the Georgian era that became the height of British fashion. Englishmen and women wore the mini portraits depicting their spouse's eye .. or secret lover's (since the tiny paintings only revealed an eye, their identities could remain secret). The eyes often graced rings, lockets, and more jeweled accessories. A mesmerizing and bizarre fad, with a distinct air of mystery.

*Doubles as home decor all-year round - hang from a mantel, knob, on a wall, etc.

  • Materials: Antique gold and antique silver colored plated alloy castings, assorted rhinestones, glass cabochons, assorted beads & ribbon
  • Metallic threaded hanging string included
  • Dimensions: 3"L x 2"W
  • Made in United States of America