• Piecework Dino Discotheque 100-Piece Kids Puzzle
  • Piecework Dino Discotheque 100-Piece Kids Puzzle
  • Dino Discotheque 100-Piece Puzzle
  • Dino Discotheque 100-Piece Puzzle

Piecework Puzzles

Dino Discotheque 100-Piece Puzzle

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Just because it was the Mesozoic era, doesn’t mean the dinos couldn’t get together and party. Welcome to the official Dino Discotheque, where the roarosauruses let down their hair and boogie the night away.

  • 100 piece puzzle
  • Completed puzzle is 10.8" x 16.15"
  • Box is 10"L x 4"W x 2"H
  • Thick stock and high-quality art paper
  • Board is 100% recycled paper
  • Ages 6+


About Piecework Puzzles:

"Our name is a nod to the importance of the process — it’s about fitting something together by hand, working it through, piece by piece — instead of the outcome. Whether working alone or at a gathering of friends, we see puzzles as a means to slow down, connect, and live in the present. Every one of our puzzles has its own theme — a small world you can immerse yourself in — and title, which is written on the spine like a book. Our puzzles can grow in a collection that looks as beautiful on a shelf as they do a coffee table. We hope you’ll join us and see just how much pleasure can be found in a good puzzle." — Piecework Puzzles