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The Art & Craft of Garden Making

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An astounding and luxurious facsimile of a rare Victorian gardening guide, bound in cloth with exquisite color illustrations.

Since its initial publication in 1900, Thomas H. Mawson's book The Art and Craft of Garden Making has become the go-to guide for garden design, with multiple reprints that continue to withstand the test of time. Its chapters address numerous topics essential to successful landscape design, from "The Choice of a Site and Its Treatment" to "Flower Gardens, Beds, and Borders."

The book's author, Thomas Hayton Mawson (1861-1933), was a British garden designer, landscape architect and town planner. He began his own landscape firm in the 1880s, he combined his botanical knowledge and eye for architectural details into unique plans for parks throughout Europe, many of which have since been restored to their former floral glory. With great attention to detail and diligent research, Mawson's expertise is apparent throughout the book.

This facsimile of the fifth edition of The Art and Craft of Garden Making (1926) preserves both the beauty of the book's original design and the encyclopedic information contained within its pages. Featuring a sumptuous clothbound cover, gold detailing and illustrations, this publication is an art piece in and of itself as much as it is a valuable resource for professional and hobbyist gardeners alike.

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Bokförlaget Stolpe
  • Pub Date: September 28, 2021
  • 14.41in. x 9.92in. x 1.73in.
  • 440 pages