• 70s Groovy Stripe Vase

Cosmic Peace Studio

70s Groovy Stripe Vase

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A nod to '70s objet d'arte, this hand-painted bisqueware vase features a groovy bold stripe in neon red, sky blue, olive green and mustard gold yellow. Perfect for holding dried flowers, feathers or Cosmic Peace Studio's "forever flowers".

  • By Cosmic Peace Studio
  • Dimensions: Approx 3"W x 5"H
  • Since this vase is unfired, it will not hold water. Better to display dry items or on its own. A vessel can be placed inside for water if wanted, though (not included).


About Cosmic Peace Studio:

"Here to bring a gentle revolution of vibes. Like so many of my design heroes the studio, my art practice and the way I hope you feel when you live with what gets made are an integral part of everything I do. Most things are made in house in Brooklyn, NY with a sense of cosmic peace and integrity that I believe is important to reflect back into the world." –– Cosmic Peace Studio